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We are able to set type in all languages which employ the Roman alphabet, such as French, Gaelic, German, Italian, Scandinavian, Spanish etc. We ask that you supply the wording, written very clearly or preferably typewritten, showing accents and essential capital letters. Show us where the line endings should come so that the wording reads correctly. We can typeset Greek from clear copy; again please ensure that accents and capitals are unmistakable.

Special character languages, such as Chinese, Hebrew, languages of the Indian sub-continent, Japanese, Russian etc., which do not use the Roman alphabet can be dealt with in one of two ways. We can arrange specialist typesetting for which we would quote you. Alternatively you could give us the text in black and white, ready to be photographed. We can adjust the size of what you give us to fit the item of stationery but we can't change the layout.

If this service is relevant to any order you may place, please let us know when requesting information and samples. We will include some helpful material. The price list in the brochure covers stationery printed in English or Welsh. For other languages and bi-lingual stationery there may be a small extra charge in proportion to the work involved. Please ask us for a quotation when requesting our brochure.

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